About Us

Homeowners at Kalmia Landing must be 55 years of age or older.

A monthly assessment is used to fund basic lawn care, and other grounds-keeping needs, the pool and clubhouse, and basic building and home exterior maintenance (including roofs). A Responsibility Chart is included on the page "Download Important Documents". It shows which expenses are paid by the Home Owners Association and which are paid by the individual owner.

A reserve fund is also maintained for capital replacement items.

2021 Assessment monthly rates are:                     
 Patio Homes & Villa  $362.30
 2 Bedroom Condominium  $411.27
 1 Bedroom  Condominium  $386.57
 Vacant Lots  $159.69
 Cable TV (optional)  $51.00
 Pest Control (optional)  $29.00
Each of us, as private homeowners, pay for our own utilities, taxes and insurance.

We all belong to the Kalmia Landing Homeowners Association whose activities are covered by our ByLaws and Covenants. You can download these documents from our “Download Important Documents” page.

Our Board of Directors are all volunteers who serve without remuneration, and are elected by the residents.