Photos of Activities

9 Ball Pool Tournament (see photos below)

This year's tournament participants were Kevin King, Hank Lize, Ron Michelson, Denny Lewis, Allen Hutson, Mike Fessel and Bill Specht.  Playing frequently but not competing were Larry Day, Nick Christopher and Chuck Reeves.

The tournament was played between January and June 2024; on Saturday afternoons between one and three pm in the Kalmia Clubhouse.  Each player was required to play 200 games.  The winner would be the person that won the most of their 200 games.

This year's champion was Kevin King, winning 58 of his 200 games.  Kudos to Kevin for his excellent play.

Kevin was awarded the Champion's Plaque at a luncheon at Longhorns Steakhouse on July 10th.  Attending the luncheon were the players, spouses and guests.  The Champion Kevin and his guest feasted for free, his tab being paid for by the other participants.  Mary Ann Troy attended the dinner representing her husband Dennis, the 2022 champion. Larry Day, the 2023 champion, also attended and passed the plaque to Kevin.